Teams That Sell

June 08, 2023

Share of salespeople meeting their targets is on a decline and more than ever report feeling burned out.

At the heart of the problem is a mismatch between how most sales teams are still set up today and the complexity of the task they are asked to succeed with.

Selling is becoming an increasingly complex task to succeed and although complex tasks are best solved by teams of people with different skills working together, most sales teams today are still set up as groups of sales individuals). 

Some companies and commercial leaders are however taking a different approach, building Teams That Sell rather than groups of sales individuals, and seeing great improvements in sales, profitability and customer experience


8:15 Why the need to make selling a team discipline is growing as complexity in B2B selling does.

8:25 How to decide which type of Team That Sells you need for your specific business context and type of selling

8:35 How to successfully manage the difficult transformation 

8:45 Open Q&A and discussion