What commercial btb teams can (and should) learn from successful start-ups

March 20, 2023

“In an ever-changing world”… is a sentence most of us have heard overused when companies position their offering to their customers. Flexibility is increasingly becoming a valued trait of almost any transaction, but while the value of flexibility seems evident when we are talking to our customers; it is seldom something we practice in our commercial organizations. 

Far too often, commercial teams are “stuck” in old habits and end up with a fixed, singular market-approach because “that’s how we have always done”.

Many start-ups that become scale-ups and above, can testify that their journey towards commercial success has been anything but fixed. To survive constant optimization and adaption is needed, and here large enterprise sales organizations can learn how to run constant experimentation and deliver:

  • Continuous optimization of performance
  • Identification of inefficiencies 
  • A culture of innovation
  • A Broader revenue ownership


  • The benefits of experimentation, and why do so few commercial organizations do so?
  • A framework and process for running commercial experiments
  • Common pitfalls to avoid
  • Q&A